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Al Ghazi is the best services provider Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai. Today, social media is one of the usual marketing and communication tools of modern companies. If you google the term “social media marketing” you are initially overwhelmed by the number of search results. In this blog post you will learn what social media marketing means, especially for companies.

What actually is social media marketing?

Before we dive deeper into social media marketing, here is a good definition of the term social media marketing:

In detail, it is about creating good content on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that brings added value for stakeholders. To successfully implement your marketing strategies, the prospect is the stakeholder group to keep in mind when creating your content. In this way, you can create your content in a more targeted manner, with which your potential customers ideally deal actively, and distribute it in the networks.

Social Media Marketing Company In Dubai

Why social media marketing works

In Dubai, UAE alone there are around 10 million active users of social networks. The special thing about social networks is that they are used as a platform for forming opinions. The more target group-oriented content you show on your social media channels, the higher the chance of success for your company. But caution is still required, because the rule on the social web also applies: quality over quantity.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring refers to the process that measures the success of the social media marketing goals you have set yourself. Monitoring in this context means observation or surveillance. If, at best, you use several networks with a large amount of content, it is good to have an overview of them. This overview enables you to gather important information about the success or failure of your marketing strategies and, if necessary, make changes to optimize them. There are also software tools for this purpose that can monitor several networks you use and, in addition to an overview of your activities, also offer you statistics that analyze the activities on all of your pages.

Legal security in social media marketing


Regardless of whether on the Internet or offline, an author and his work are always protected. Works include texts, videos, images or sound recordings. So if you use content from the Internet for your contributions, you must ensure that you refer to the author of this content. If you do not do this, legal action can be taken against you. Possibilities for referencing authors are simple references, embedded links that lead to the author’s page when clicking, or the personal consent of authors (exploitation rights), which in some cases must be obtained. In the latter case, this means having to acquire usage rights. With the fast pace of the Internet, the legal situation has not yet been clarified, so I advise you to

Usage fees for image materials

Since every work is legally protected, authors can also assign their rights to you. This is usually done by transferring the usage rights. This transfer is often coupled with fees, the so-called license fees. If you obtain image material from image agencies, it is important that you also acquire the social media licenses.

Another very popular usage model are Creative Commons licenses. The work (images, texts, music, videos) can be used free of charge. However, the individual licenses must be followed exactly, for example there are works that may not be changed or used for commercial purposes. You can find out more about these licenses on the Creative Commons website.

Obligation to moderate on your own pages

If you run a forum or a social media channel, you are obliged to take care of it. If there are illegal comments on your pages in the social networks, you must check them and act if necessary (this may also include deleting the comment). If you do not delete such a comment, you make the content your own and thus possibly punishable. You must therefore always have an overview of the entries on your pages and intervene if necessary.

Chances and risks

The chances of social media marketing lie in the quick and inexpensive increase of your reach. With Social Media Agency In Dubai you give your potential and existing customers the opportunity to bind themselves more closely to your company and your products. The new and innovative techniques of social media make this possible.

With the fast pace and diversity of opinion on social media, it can also happen that users express criticism against your company. This harbors risks for your image and calls for crisis management.

Public criticism on social media can also be used as an opportunity by taking the criticism seriously. What a company can learn from criticism varies widely. However, the negative feedback from users shows a high level of interest in the social media channel and thus a close relationship. By accepting this criticism, this bond is then strengthened.

Goals of social media marketing

Marketing in social networks enables you to increase and measure the awareness of your company in a short time, for example through clicks from your customers or direct feedback from your target group. You can and should use this assessment to create an even greater reach for your content.

Social Media Marketing Company In Dubai can also create a positive corporate image. For example, you can get in direct contact with customers and thereby show that you focus on the customer. Customer contact can arise through feedback from customers via the comment function. Or you ask your target group in your posts to provide feedback.

There are many ways to contact us in social networks. This increases the chances that your customers will be able to assess your offers and, if necessary, improve or adapt them. A positive impression in the social networks will influence the decision-making power of your target group and create more traffic, more awareness and, above all, loyal customers.



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