How does social media marketing companies work

Social media marketing Companies in Dubai: do I even need it? Entrepreneurs who are still asking this question today have missed a trend that is relevant to sales. According to Statista, around 3.8 billion people worldwide use social media (as of January 2020). So here is a huge pool of potential customers lying idle if you don’t use these channels!

Each target group is represented in the billions of users. Every company can meet its customers there. This applies to both small businesses and corporations. With a focus on target groups, existing customers can be tied to the company and new prospects can be won in social media. And the expectations of modern consumers require addressing via social media very explicitly. Today no company can still afford to start without a social media strategy. This post deals with how you can use the huge potential of social networks for your business success. Namely, with an optimal social media marketing concept.

social media marketing companies work

What is social media marketing?

The term social media stands for platforms on which users worldwide can network and communicate with one another. Profit-oriented companies use this comprehensive communication option to distribute advertising messages, valuable information, attractive offers, and interactive content. The targeted targeting options are a big advantage of providing content in social networks. This means that you can target very specific users. With so-called behavioral targeting, you can, for example, send out tailored advertising messages based on user behavior and the interests of users. It is precisely this direct target group approach that makes social media marketing so effective.

The large number of users that companies reach via these channels can increase the level of awareness of brands and products enormously. Social media marketing is a collective term that consists of various measures, and behind which there must be a sophisticated strategy. This is also the difference between private use and business-oriented marketing. Private individuals want to communicate with friends from near and far.

You post whatever comes to mind. When using corporate social media, the focus is on a marketing strategy that structurally conceives the content and distributes it to specific target groups. Important goals include the tactical communication of messages, the interaction with the target group, and the generation of clicks on your website. How social media users are addressed differs depending on their status:

  • Potential new customers
  • Already known interested parties
  • Existing customers.

How does Social Media Marketing Companies Dubai work?

Social media marketing (short: SMM) does not work arbitrarily but is based on a strategy. The basic question is: How do I turn a reader into a follower and then into a fan? Social Media Marketing Companies in Dubai a good marketing strategy consists of a whole bundle of perfectly coordinated measures that interlock, complement each other, and in the best case develop synergies. To do this, it is important to combine those channels that best suit the product, brand, or service. So to market exactly in those places where the target group is. Social media marketing works particularly effectively when the posted content fits the respective channel optimally.

It doesn’t matter where you publish a video, a photo, or a text, for example. No matter how well the content is tailored to the target group, it can still be dissipated the wrong way. A social media strategy is helpful to systematically achieve corporate goals.

What are the most important Social Media platforms?

The most famous platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Xing. A good Social Media Agency Dubai’s strategy does not take into account all networks and is not based on the quantitative popularity of a platform. Because the various media differ significantly in their orientation and therefore attract different target groups.

  • Facebook: is the most popular platform. In January 2020 Statista had 2.45 billion users. Another advantage of Facebook is the fact that most users are regularly active there. In terms of reach, this medium is extremely attractive for social media marketing.
  • Twitter: with its limited number of characters, it is only suitable for marketing purposes to a limited extent. This platform is widely used internationally, while in DUBAI, UAE-speaking countries the user base is concentrated on the B2B area.
  • LinkedIn: are pure B2B networks. LinkedIn focuses more on the DUBAI, UAE -speaking area, while LinkedIn also enables international networking.
  • Instagram and Pinterest: focus on the image format. These two platforms are more similar in their orientation than other social networks, which each address their target groups.
  • WhatsApp and Snapchat are messenger services, with Snapchat aimed primarily at younger people. Messages are deleted thereafter for a short period.
  • YouTube and TikTok: focus on the video format. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and is also part of the group. TikTok is a free app from China. After Facebook and WhatsApp, it has the most downloads worldwide.


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