Everything you need to know to successfully advertising companies in Dubai

TikTok Advertising Companies is still in its infancy. The algorithm is far from being as mature as the Facebook algorithm – but nevertheless the algorithm is getting smarter from month to month and already offers great potential! Because if you look at the number of users, TikTok is in second place among the most used apps worldwide and advertisers are currently benefiting from the fact that the competition is nowhere near as strong as on the popular platforms Facebook and Instagram. That in turn leads to incredibly cheap traffic! The channel should not be ridiculed, but should be used early on to position yourself in the competition. We’ll show you what to look out for in TikTok advertising companies in Dubai!

What should you watch out for in TikTok advertising?

To the front, as it cannot be mentioned often enough: Do not use sounds in advertisements to which you do not have rights. TikTok also provides help for this in that a free music library is offered in the AdManager, which can be used. Furthermore, do not use a TikTok watermark in your ads, because then it is very likely that your ads will be rejected (due to copyright).

What is your goal?

But now to the strategic consideration up to the development of a campaign. First of all, it has to be clarified which goal the campaign should achieve. Is it about reach, traffic, app installs, video views or conversions? Which points are most important to me as a company? As soon as this question has been clarified, we can take a closer look at the different options. TikTok also offers a lot of options outside of the auction platform, for example via direct bookings. Examples of direct bookings are TOP-View campaigns and branded hashtag challenges. At Al-Ghazi, however, we mainly concentrate on the auction platform, through which we can place ads in the users’ feed. So-called in-feed ads. As mentioned above, in-feed ads can have different optimization goals. Reach or video views to create awareness on the platform. Traffic to drive TikTok users to an end goal. AppInstalls or conversions, for example to generate installs of an app or purchases of a product.

In addition to normal optimization goals, there is also the option of being whitelisted for certain goals or uses – such as post boosting to generate followers. Advantage here: Generate new followers cheaply and at the same time generate a large reach very cheaply.

How does TikTok tracking work?

However, if we now look at the normal optimization goals in the AdManager, it must be clarified whether the events should be tracked. We always clearly recommend: YES. This is the only way we can work properly with the data obtained. So ideally a tracking tool is used for AppInstall campaigns. As a result of normal AppInstall campaigns, there are also further optimization options such as optimization for in-app events. For conversion campaigns, we ideally use a pixel or the new Shopify integration directly.

What is the attribution window on TikTok?

With the pixel integration we only have one session tracking whereas with the Shopify integration we have an attribution window of 7 day klick, 1 day view. Since the success of a campaign depends on several factors, no information can be given on advertising companies In Dubai costs.

These depend, for example, on the type of creative, type of interaction and target group.

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