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AL Ghazi Digital Marketing Companies In Dubai is one of the best firms. In digital marketing, marketers try again and again to attract customers’ attention through cross-media campaigns. Successful cross-media campaigns require a consistent guiding principle with customer-relevant stories that are integrated across media in terms of content, form, and time.

Cross-media campaigns in digital marketing Companies In Dubai

The address should be networked and interactive in order to offer interested parties a benefit and added value. Cross-media campaigns are often also used for viral marketing. But how does it work in practice? The choice of channels for the cross-media campaign depends on the goals. Companies can use four types of media, as shown in the following illustration.

  1. Owned Media: Content publication on your own platforms, e.g. website, blog
  2. Paid Media: Content on platforms such as Facebook, where the company places paid advertising
  3. Earned content: free placement through news assets such as media cooperation’s and press work
  4. Social media: content in social networks that brands and users generate themselves
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Cross-media campaigns from practice

In the following, you will gain insights into the practice of cross-media campaigns in content marketing, which are intended to provide an opportunity for inspiration.

Cross-media marketing:

The whole action was accompanied by a one-off social media campaign. For this received four gold, five silver, and three bronze nails and also won the Grand Prix competition of the Art Directors Club (ADC) in 2014 on the grounds that it was “so innovative, so consistent and so excellent in many parts”.

Design successful cross-media campaigns

How do marketers design a cross-media campaign? This is followed by a model for inspiration from Prof. Dr. Mahrdt. What is important is the creative and coherent guiding principle that fits the brand image, positioning, and identity.

Strategic cross-media campaigns

When developing a cross-media campaign, the following order of approach has proven itself.

  1. Analyze communication objectives and define the campaign.
  2. Selection of a suitable guiding theme, ie a guiding idea that is interesting for the target group.
  3. Selection of the right media and communication tools.
  4. Networking of the instruments through cross-references in digital interactive media.
  5. Carry out success monitoring and target the leads that have been collected.
  6. Analysis: which measures have been successful and are being strengthened?
  7. Where do instruments need to be exchanged and new communication measures tried out?

Checklist for cross-media marketing strategies

Now the question arises: is your campaign really “cross-media”? Then the following eight criteria must be met in the analysis of your cross-media campaign.

1) Consistent guiding principle

Is there a consistent leitmotif, a continuous guiding principle, a story, etc. recognizable?

2) Suitable media choice with regard to the target group, products, and market?

Is the choice of media appropriate for the media use of the target group?
Do the selected media match the product and the brand?

3) Integration in terms of time, form, and content

Are the requirements of integrated communication met?

4) Editorial and advertising networking as well as guidance

Which medium refers to which others?
Apart from the medium, you are currently using, what other information about brand contact is there?

5) Opportunities for interaction and activation

What response and interaction options does the consumer have?
Which methods are used to persuade the consumer to “join in”?

6) Multi-sensory approach

Are different senses addressed?
Which of the selected media address which senses?

7) Target medium, convergence, and CRM potential

Is there a target medium into which the consumers are directed?
Can customer profiles be created there in compliance with the legal guidelines?

8) Added value and utility for the consumer

What added value and what benefits does the consumer have from the selected media?
Where are the interests and needs or needs of the consumers addressed, as it were?

Conclusion: It shows that it is not easy to manage cross-media marketing professionally. In my consultations, I experience a particular challenge in the fact that many marketing experts are overwhelmed by the complex requirements for integrated communication with media convergence. And when it comes to developing a creative guiding theme, there are often problems in low-engagement areas.

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